Register in BlockFi using our link, and get 10USD after you deposit 100USD in any crypto).

Register in BlockFi

Current Rates: BTC: 4.5% APY ⠀ETH 5 APY
Bonus: 10USD

If you just want to hold your coins and earn some interest around it, BlockFi is the simplest option. If you deposit BTC, you earn in BTC. Just deposit your coins and you start earning. Their platform is super simple and works smooth. You have 1 free withdraw per month, which means you can send for example 0,1 BTC to your external wallet and you’ll receive 0,1 BTC (They cover the network fees).
Attention: It’s not recommended to deposit more than 0.1BTC since the rates go to 1% APY for any value above 0.1BTC.



Facu Allemand

Fullstack engineer with more than 10 years in the e-commerce industry. Blockchain and crypto adopter.